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For over 50 years, INTERSCHUTZ has been writing a story of success. Originally conceived as a trade show for the fire services, INTERSCHUTZ has grown to become the world’s leading exhibition for fire prevention, disaster relief, rescue, safety and security.

From the very start, INTERSCHUTZ has attracted a unique mix of commercial and non-commercial exhibitors. Enterprises unveil their latest innovations at the show, whilst fire and rescue service professionals show the latest equipment and systems in action on the outdoor demonstration ground.

Facts & Figures

  • 157,000 attendees from 56 countries
  • 1,500 exhibitors from 51 nations
  • 72.6% of attendees have purchase decision power
  • 178,000 sqm exhibit space
  • 12,000 sqm outdoor demonstration site
  • Why Exhibit?

    • Be part of the world’s largest trade show
    • Discover cutting edge technologies and innovative solutions
    • Many events and special conferences on topical issues of the industry
    • Partner country days for France, Italy, and the USA involving special programs, more engagement in competition, social activities, and special show highlights
    • An expansive USA Pavilion highlighting US technologies and capabilities through special media exposure
    • Take advantage of the international exposure to develop your global reach
    • Network with the decision makers and influencers from fire, emergency management, law enforcement, defense, resources and hazardous industrial sectors
    • Generate leads and strengthen existing relationships

    Exhibit Categories

    Fire Fighting & Prevention

    • Vehicles and vehicle equipment
    • Fire extinguishing technology and agents
    • Equipment for fire stations and workshops
    • Structural engineering, technical fire and building protection
    • Associations, organizations, service companies

    Civil Protection

    • Vehicles and vehicle equipment
    • Equipment for technical support and disaster relief
    • Associations, organizations, service companies

    Rescue Services

    • Vehicles and vehicle equipment
    • Rescue, emergency, first-aid, and (para)medical equipment
    • Associations, organizations, service companies

    Safety & Security

    • Security equipment, control station and signaling technology,
      control and surveillance equipment, mechanical security technology,
      hardware and software
    • Information and organization systems
    • Measuring and detection apparatus
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Associations, organizations, service providers

    INTERSCHUTZ Contacts

    Bill Fox

    Hannover Fairs USA

    +1 773 796 4250 x248

    Martin Kariger

    Fire Fighting
    Deutsche Messe
    +49 511 89 - 34219

    Steffen Buck

    Protective Equipment, Fire Prevention, Control Center Solutions
    Deutsche Messe
    +49 511 89 - 34224

    Christiane Grobe

    Rescue Services, Civil Protection
    Deutsche Messe
    +49 511 89 - 31217